Challenge: 3 Activities to Become a Notable Expert

Business Challenge is going to be a weekly activity for all members who choose to participate.

There will be 3 activities that you will be challenged to do. If you decide to participate then you are expected to engage.

By agreeing to participate you are giving us your commitment.

You will be held accountable.

Once you accept a challenge, you must complete within 5 business days.

If a partner is needed then select your partner and identify them on this page.

Once you complete a task post it on this page as “I’m done” and take a screenshot with your phone, mobile device or computer.

Let’s Go!

Step 1: Do you have a Blog? If Yes choose 3 of your favorite articles to work with for this project. It must be articles based on your expertise. Post Your Blog here

Step 2: If you don’t already have one create a Slideshare account. If you have one already, please post your link below.

Step 3: For this step you will need to open up Powerpoint or whichever presentation software you use. You will be creating presentations on … Slideshare is owned by Linkedin and your slides can be posted onto your linkedin profile. This will give you more exposure.

Step 4: Open up Powerpoint and choose the design that match your brand. On the first page type the name of your first blog article.
On the next page copy the 1st paragraph of your article and for each slide copy and paste the next parargraph. If you not sure what I am saying check my slideshare and see my presentation.

Tip: On one of the last pages…don’t forget your call to action. Ask readers to join your mailing list.

Tip: Did you know slideshare also creates a transcript of your presentation for you.

Preparations for Challenge #2: Locate 10 professional that serve the same target market however they are not your competition.

Day 2 | Step 1: Locate 3 to 10 companies that share the same target market as yourself, however they are not your competitor.

Day 2 | Step 2: Now that you have located your companies, I want you to either directly interview these companies leaders or ask them for their bio, pic/logo to feature them.

You will choose to ask them one question to answer such as “What is one tip you would share with someone who is seeking to get into your industry?” example.

Got it? When can you have this task done?

Day 2 | Step 3: You are going to create a mini magazine for your website. We will be using Microsoft Word and converting to PDF. So some design is needed. You will be able to use the Theme templates or create your own. You can also use services like Mad Cloud or Issuu to sell it.

Day 2 | Step 4: Reach out to the other participants of this challenge and interview them to feature them in your mini magazine.
Let me know when it’s done. Post below.

Tip: These min magazines can be used as printable marketing material, free downloads, free gift for joining your newsletter.

Tip: you can also conduct audio interviews and create CD’s to give away.

Tip: Interviewing industry experts makes you the voice of the industry. This is how you are position as a Notable Expert.

Day 3 | Step 1: Everyday you see all the motivational quotes written by all these other people and we share them over and over again. It’s your time to shine. We will be creating our very own motivational quotes.

I want you to write down 5 -7 original quotes by YOU!

Day 3 | Step 2: Find a very nice professional photo or image you would love to be used across the world wide web.

Day 3 | Step 3: If you do not know photoshop you can use or to create your Motivational Picture Quotes.
Image should be 310 px x 310 px this is generic for all social media sites.
Make sure you add your company name and website at the bottom of each image.

Challenge: 3 Activities to Become a Notable Expert

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