Business Challenge: List Building Strategies

Business Challenge is a bi weekly activity for all members who choose to participate.

There will be 3 activities that you will be challenged to do. If you decide to participate then you are expected to engage.

By agreeing to participate you are giving us your commitment.

You will be held accountable.

Once you accept a challenge, you must complete within 5 business days.

If a partner is needed then select your partner and identify them on this page.

Once you complete a task post it on this page as “I’m done” and take a screenshot with your phone, mobile device or computer.

Let’s Go!

Day 1 – (For those who already has an email marketing software setup) Create a Free Event.
Create a list in your email software. (i.e. Aweber, Mail Chimp, etc.)
Use your email software as a registration portal.
Create an autoresponder to deliver the necessary information to your guest.
Market your event.

(No email marketing software)
It’s time for you to set up your email marketing software. There are a few I know that are free to low cost. Try,, if you are not happy with those let me know.

Next: Create your Free event.

Once you are all done. Come back here and share your experience.

Day 2 – Now that you have created a Free Event or Just set up your email list…It’s time to invite people to join you.

Take out your pen and a notebook and it’s time to write.

I want you to create 7 variations of 140 characters or less post talking about your event as if it’s the best event in town.

Think about the key points or activities of the event. Once you have created your list, copy and paste it here. I will review each one and give feedback.

If you have a long url/website link…I recommend using to shorten your links.

Day 3: Blogs & Signatures
Today I want you to visit at least 10 relevant blogs. I mean relevant to your brand. Read the article, leave a comment, and share the article.
When you leave a comment include your signature.

Great article it’s right on point.

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Challenge: List Building Strategies

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