Creating Systems for Your Business
Creating systems that creates growth
by ShaChena Gibbs
What is a business system? A system is a procedure, process, method, or course of actions designed to achieve a specific result. In business we create systems that allow time freedom so you can focus on other task, systems that can be duplicated so you can hire and/or resource out. The right systems in place can be the key components to you building a thriving business. Creating systems that creates growth is the plan for all small and large companies.

Have you ever walked into a McDonald’s anywhere in the world and notice they all have to same greeting? “Hello Welcome to McDonald’s, can I take your order?” then they ask specific questions depending on what your order is. Once you have completed your order they ask if you want to Supersize your order (the up-sell). This is their order system.

I use to work at H&R Block as a receptionist and something as simple as a smile when customers walk in and when we answer the phone is a part of their customer service system. There are systems in every successful business. It’s not too late for you to begin creating systems in your business even if it’s a home based business. As a matter of fact, now is the perfect time for you to begin implementing systems into your daily operation.

A few areas in your business you can begin with is how you start your business day. Get a notebook and think about how you begin your day in business? Review it and decide if you want to make some adjustments or leave as is. Then practice this daily intentionally. Decide after 7 days if these systems you want to continue or adjust.

Once you have decided on the current systems, document them into a Company’s Operational Manual. This document you can give to current or future team/staff.

  • Think about how do you answer the phone?
  • How do you talk to prospects?
  • How do you open / close the deals?
  • How do you add content to your website?
  • How do you set up your social media marketing?
  • How do you plan events?
  • How do you form partnerships?
  • How do you gain new clients?
  • What is your client on boarding process?
  • What is your retention procedures?

The great thing about many system today is the ability to outsource to a professional and/or using digital software or applications. One of my favorite quotes I hear often is “There’s an app for that”. And in most cases this is true. Begin your system creation and implement them.

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Award winning entrepreneur, mentor, and Small Business Educator, ShaChena Gibbs is helping women around the world with starting a successful business from home. ShaChena Gibbs is the Founder of Real Sisters Rising Women Business Association an award winning network for women.

Creating systems that creates growth

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