Fuel Level Low 

by Dr. Sharon H. Porter

Business Blog: Fuel Level Low by Dr. Sharon H. PorterI live in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  Everyone knows the traffic is a nightmare, especially on the Beltway.  As a profession, I am a Leadership Development Coach for a large school district in the Washington, DC area.  I travel from school to school providing coaching support to novice school administrators.  My appointments keep me busy throughout the day, hardly time to eat lunch on most days.  I am also an entrepreneur…The GRIND is real.

On one particular morning as I pulled out of my garage on my way to my first appointment (I was running late) I looked down and saw my gas level was pretty low.  I knew I should have gassed up the night before, but I was trying to get home.  Of course, when I left my first appointment, I totally forgot that I needed to stop and get gas.  I went to two more schools before the message and tone alerted me that  my “fuel was low”.  Oh no!!!  I am on the Beltway, traffic is bumper to bumper, I have another appointment that I must make. So what do I do?  I contact Onstar to send me the closest gas station to my location. Well first,  you have to understand me and gas stations. I am in no way led by labels, but I do NOT play when it comes to gas in my vehicle.  I only stop at “Name Brand” gas stations.  Needless to say, the closest and only gas station near my location was a little neighborhood store with gas pumps. I cringed…But what can I do, I am on E and I need to get to my next appointment.  I get just enough gas so I can make it to my appointment and then find a gas station that I can fill up on gas.

This brings to mind how we operate on a daily basis.  Sometimes we ignore the signs that we, ourselves, are “running low on fuel”.  We go and go until, we oftentimes have to do things that are not good for our bodies, i.e., eat fast food, go without the appropriate hours of sleep.

Just like the vehicles we drive, we cannot run on empty.  We MUST pay attention to the early warning indicators.  Recharging, Refueling, and Re-energizing is critically important to our mind, body, and soul.  As entrepreneurs, career professionals, and many times we are both an entrepreneur and career professional, we find ourselves in this same situation.

Yes, the GRIND is real, but so is your health; mental, physical, and emotional.  We have to protect ourselves as best as we can.  I am an early riser (3:00 AM every morning), but I also ensure that I go to bed at night at a decent hour.  I have to be the best I can be for me.  When I am finished my day on my 9 to 5…I still have to give 110% for my GRIND and my passion.

Are you aware of those early warning indicators that lets you know it is time to refuel?  What do you do to recharge and re-energize yourself?  One thing I have learned on this entrepreneurial journey is that you cannot allow yourself to get to Empty.  The lesson learned, when I see that I am at a half a tank of gas (vehicle and body) I need to be refueling.

There are a few more items I need to add to my routine, but here are five ways I found that has helped me take care of me…

  1. I have learned to say NO (without explanation), when I do not want to do something.
  2. When I rise at 3 AM, I always start by reading or listening to something inspirational or motivational.
  3. I ensure I am well rested.  My days and evenings are extremely busy. Yes, there are times when you have to burn the midnight oil ( i.e.client deliverables), but for the most part, get your rest!
  4. I keep a journal.  I am a reflective learner.  Journaling  assists me in planning out my day and weeks ahead professionally as well as personally.
  5. I time-block EVERYTHING and keep to my agenda as much as possible.

Sharon Porter, Business Blogger
Dr. Sharon H. Porter (Dr. Sharon) is CEO and Owner of Perfect Time SHP, Coaching and Consulting Firm.  She is the Founder of the GRIND Entrepreneur Network, Host and Creator of the Write the Book Now! Interview and Podcast Show, the GRIND Entrepreneur Network Spotlight, and Leadership Matters with Dr. Sharon


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Fuel Level Low

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