Get the most out of your Facebook Group

by ShaChena Gibbs

Do you have a group that you manage on Facebook? Does it seem a bit overwhelming at times? Do you know about the features of the groups that can help you better control your group activities?

As we all know Facebook is frequently adding and taking away features. Some we like some we don’t however, we adjust to it any way and continue using this awesome community.

Groups were developed so clubs and networks can create a community of like minded folks to engage in discussions more often than we do on our Fan Pages. Groups are supposed to be more familiar than pages. 

Here are some of the great features of Facebook Groups for group administrators.

  • Banner or No Banner: You can create a Banner for your header with your group’s rules, logo, etc. or you can leave it without a banner and you will see pictures of active members. You can create a new banner for your group in
  • You can Pin important post to stick to the top of the groups wall. I love this feature because, no one can post and the information gets pushed down lower on the wall. If a member visits the group, they will not miss this message. 
  • I also love the new feature Announcements available for admins. It shows the members that you are sharing some key information.

When you set up your group, there are a few other features that you may love. For instance, you can have your logo as a main image.

  • You can set up an email address for your group and that email address will also be your group’s web extension in its url.
  • Another group feature for me is the Message feature. You can begin a chat right from the group and you have the option of inviting the entire group (for smaller groups) or certain members. Even if the member is not online it will go into the inbox.  This is great if you have a special broadcast message to send out or you can schedule a weekly group chat.

Have fun with your groups. Don’t misuse this feature on Facebook, depending on what you are using it for, it can be an extremely useful tool for growing your network and business if done properly.

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Entrepreneur, Educator, Author and Association Executive, ShaChena Gibbs is helping women across the world with starting, growing, running and profiting successful business from home. ShaChena Gibbs is the Founder of Real Sisters Rising Women Business Association an award winning women’s network and the Author of The CEO System.

Get the most out of your Facebook Group

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