Chapter Presidents Opportunity 

A Chapter President coaches, mentors and encourages members to succeed in their professional career. They utilize their years of business experience to assist with the growth of other leaders.  They are mission minded professionals who enjoys seeing other women entrepreneurs advance in life and career.

A Real Sisters Rising Chapter President is an independent business agent who will be trained to market, build, and facilitate Real Sisters Rising Women Success Luncheons (Chapter Meetings).

If you are someone who loves to build their business through networking and relationship building this may be just for you.

The ideal candidate is someone who:

·        Has a desire to earn a strong part-time income based on commission.

·        Dedicate a minimum of 10 hrs per week to manage chapter task.

·        Is called to serve as a coach, mentor, and encourager to Real Sisters Rising Chapter Members.

·        Is genuinely interested in helping Real Sisters Rising leaders grow personally and professionally.

·        Has credibility in her community or area of expertise and can attract high performance leaders or       would like to become a leader in her own community.

·        Is able to facilitate a structured and proven program.

·        Can follow organizations policies and procedures as documented.

Establishing a RSR chapter is not an activity to be undertaken lightly. The strength of the organization as a whole depends on each chapter creating and sustaining an active, growing presence in its community. Programs, activities and services to members at the local level are critical to the growth of the organization nationally.

If you live in an area where there is not already an active RSR chapter you may need to help start a chapter to get the benefits of RSR membership. Yes, this requires effort, but the rewards are truly worth this effort.

When you have made the decision to start a chapter of an existing organization, you should start by picturing the end result you want to achieve. Have the picture in your head of the room, the people, and the success of the whole thing.

Based on your own personality and the outlines of RSR, you’ll have a feel for the type of people involved and the sort of public image you wish to portray.

Remember that every step in the process is directed to that end. To making that image a reality. That’s your personal goal. To achieve it, you will need a plan and a schedule.

To initiate a chapter, the following steps must be taken.

  1. Attend a RSR chapter meeting or Conference Call in your local area or the next national conference call. This will help you better understand how it all works and give you the opportunity to see if this is for you. It will also give you an opportunity to ask questions of the other members. You may even make some very important networking contacts and get referred to potential members for a new chapter.
  2. Once you have decided that being a part of RSR is for you, then you must become a member of the organization.
  3.  The next step is to set up a phone appointment with the Director of Communications. This will help you with any further questions, the application, and the process.
  4. Once the process is complete, you must recruit 5 new members who can join your leadership team.You can not do this alone.
  5. Last but not least, locate a meeting place, set a date and time, and start promoting for your first meeting.

Once you become an actual Chapter President, marketing materials and all needed documents will be included in your New Chapter Package.