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Host a Free Teleseminar exclusively for the members of Real Sisters Rising and enhance your visibility as a member expert. You must be able to demonstrate expertise on the topic you choose. You must create and provide great value and members must receive valuable information and/or inspiration. 

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We are increasing our membership benefits. If you would like to be considered as one of the Service Providers that Real Sisters Rising utilizes and recommends, we invite you to submit your detailed information for consideration. Please include the type and a description of the service(s) you provide, the legal structure of your business (sole proprietor, LLC, Corporation), if you have any liability insurance, the main benefits your clients get from using your service(s) and your ideal client profile. 

Affiliated Organizations
Please consider our invitation. If your association or organization caters to women and is sharing the same vision of “Helping women find the Diamond in their Destiny”, we would like you to consider becoming an Affiliate Organization. We care to make these partnerships mutually beneficial and successful. 

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Are you or do you know a successful women business owner or professional generating hundred of thousands of dollars in income or revenue? We are carefully selecting “Success Experts” to act as Strong Leaders to our members, which is an opportunity for you to promote yourself and your products, participate in our meet & greets, teleconference and inspire and empower other women by being part of this vibrant community of leaders.

If you are interested in sharing your inspiring story and imparting your invaluable knowledge and expertise on a topic that would benefit our members, please submit a short bio, your title, and a list of at least five bullets of what they will learn from you the expert.

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Product Giveway:  Here is perfect opportunity to gain visibility for yourself by giving away your product to one lucky daring woman! Here’s how! Every Friday on Real Sisters Rising’s Facebook Group, Fanpage and Twitter, it’s Giveaway Friday!

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